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Let's talk about parental patterning with Chris Marhefka

Episode Summary

On today’s episode, we’re chatting with Chris Marhefka who’s the CEO of training camp for the soul where we discuss: - Parental imprinting and patterning - Which aspects of your personality or your conditioning are shaped by your mom, dad or your parental figures - How to stop over-processing uncomfortable physical sensations that can manifest as anxiety - Chris share a very real and relatable story about how he created unconscious scenarios that brought betrayal into his life as a recurring pattern and what he did to break that pattern - How codependent behaviors may be the reason why some of your relationships are bringing out the worst in you - And a very grounded way to have what he calls an outing conversation with someone with who you’re having a toxic relationship with which is probably a better option than just ghosting them completely Enjoy the show! Jessica Depatie Music: Gajumaru by Yaima Resources mentioned: Training Camp for the Soul: Chris Marhefka on Instagram: 5 Personality Patterns Book: Special Forces Experience: