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Let’s talk about Grace & Grit with Jennifer McMaster and Dr. Danielle McGinnis

Episode Summary

On this episode, you’ll hear from Jennifer McMaster and returning guest Dr. Danielle McGinnis. And this is a special and especially raw episode for us… * Meet Dr. Danielle McGinnis - Doc of Physical Therapy turned Student of Depth Psychology * Meet Jennifer McMaster - Lifestyle Architect and Communication Specialist * How Dr. Dee healed from betrayal and the shame that came with having her personal rock bottom moment * Dream analysis 101 * How Jenn made the difficult decision to uncouple from her long time husband and father to her kids and how she was finally able to bypass her inner critic and get in touch with her wiser voice * Some of our beautiful and strange experiences with mirror-eye gazing * I get into my story of living a double life trying to hide my wild side and hurting lots of people along the way and how I finally began to accept and embrace the wholeness of who I am and stopped living a life of lies * The expansiveness of knowing who you are * Understanding your shadows by understanding your shame * The importance of the healed mother archetype (whether you have children or are birthing other beautiful things in the world) and why we’re so passionate about bringing powerful women together For all you ladies out there who are called to the kind of work we discuss here, join us for our free live Grace & Grit webinar on Dec 2, 2020 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET by registering at And for the gents, visit and get on the waitlist to get access to a series of live lectures on Dec 1-3 to where they will discuss honing in on your value system, elevated leadership, and the science and spirit of post-traumatic growth. Enjoy the show! Intro/Outro Music by Yaima: “Gajumaru”